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The following describes the keys and synonyms for the Connection strings to attach to an InterBase database.

Key name Key Synonym Key description
Datasource Data Source, server, host This is the IP address or the Host name for the location of the server.
Port Port Number The port the IB server is listening on. Default 3050.
Database Initial Catalog Path to the database or the database alias.
UserID User, uid, user name, username, user id The user to log in as.
Password User password, userpassword Password to use logging in.
Dialect Dialect to force the connection to be in. Default 3.
Role The role to log in as.
Charset Character Set The character set to establish the connection with. Default is none (ANSII)
PacketSize Packet Size Packet size to use when communicating with the server. Default 8192
Pooling When true the connection is grabbed from a pool or, if necessary, created and added to the appropriate pool. Default true.
ConnectionLifeTime Connection Lifetime When a connection is returned to the pool, its creation time is compared with the current time, and the connection is destroyed if that time span (in seconds) exceeds the value specified by connection lifetime. Default 0
ConnectionTimeout TimeoutConnection timeout The time (in seconds) to wait for a connection to open. Default 15.
MinPoolSize Min pool size The minimum number of connections allowed in the pool. Default 0
MaxPoolSize Max pool size The maximum number of connections allowed in the pool. Default 100
FetchSize Fetch size The maximum number of rows to be fetched in a single call to read into the internal row buffer. Default 200
ServerType Source The type of server used. Default IBServerType.Default (Server). Other option is IBServerType.Embedded
Isolationlevel Isolation level The default Isolation Level for implicit transactions. Default ReadCommitted
ReturnRecordsAffected Records Affected Get the number of rows affected by a command when true. Default true. Note Select statements cannot give an accurate number until all records fetched.
Enlist If true, enlists the connections in the current transaction. Default true
embedded clientEmbedded If true indicates to act as if the Server Type is Embedded. Default false
DBCachepages Pagebuffers, page buffers, cache pages, Cachepages How many cache buffers to use for this session. Default 0 (server side determined)
EUAEnabled Set true when connecting to an End User Authentication enabled DB
InstanceName Instance Name The string alias version of the IB Instance
SEPPassword The password for SEP enabled DBs
SSL Boolean if to use SSL connection
ServerPublicFile The Server Public File to use
ServerPublicPath The Server Public Path
ClientCertFile The Client Certification File
ClientPassPhraseFile The Client Pass Phrase File
ClientPassPhrase The Client Pass Phrase

For more information on the SSL items refer to: Setting up OTW Encryption

Below is a simple example for connecting to the employee database on the local server:


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