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The ADO.NET driver allows you to connect to InterBase servers and database from Visual Studio. This guide only covers non-inherited properties and procedures. For information on inherited properties and procedures refer to the Microsoft documentation of the parent class.

System Requirements

  • ADO.NET driver requires the installation of the InterBase client library on the machine, and an InterBase server installation on the same or a different machine.
  • ADO.NET requires .NET 4.52+, .NET 5.0 or .NET Standard 2.0.
  • ADO.NET can run on any Visual Studio version. However, IDE integration is only available on Visual Studio 2017, 2019, and 2022.
  • DDEX only works on Visual Studio 2017, 2019, or 2022.
  • EntityFramework core requires netstandard 2.0 and Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore 6.0.11 to run in any Visual Studio version.

Getting the Drivers


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