Building Multi-tiered Applications

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One- and two-tiered applications include the logic that manipulates database information in the same application that implements the user interface. Because the data manipulation logic is not isolated in a separate tier, these types of applications are most appropriate when there are no other applications sharing the same database information. Even when other applications share the database information, these types of applications are appropriate if the database is very simple, and there are no data semantics that must be duplicated by all applications that use the data.

You may want to start by writing a one- or two-tiered application, even when you intend to eventually scale up to a multi-tiered model as your needs increase. This approach lets you avoid having to develop data manipulation logic up front so that the application server can be available while you are writing the user interface. It also allows you to develop a simpler, cheaper prototype before investing in a large, multi-system development project. If you intend to eventually scale up to a multi-tiered application, you can isolate the data manipulation logic so that it is easy to move it to a middle tier at a later date.


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