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This guide covers the "how-to" information on developing InterBase database applications using Embarcadero development tools, JDBC, and ODBC. Topics include:

  • Connecting to databases
  • Understanding datasets
  • Working with tables, queries, stored procedures, cached updated and events
  • Working with UDF and Blob filters
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Working with InterBase Services
  • Writing install wizards


Chapter Description Topics
Using the InterBase Developer’s Guide Intended audience and coverage
Client/Server Concepts Architecture of client/server systems using InterBase, including the definition of client and server, and options for application development.
Programming Applications with Delphi or C++Builder Describes how to attach to and detach from databases, and how to request information about attachments.
Programming with JDBC Building InterBase applications using InterClient, InterServer, and JBuilder.
Programming Applications with ODBC Programming InterBase applications with ODBC and OLE DB; programming with the ODBC driver, and configuring and using ODBC data sources.
Working with UDFs and Blob Filters Working with UDFs: UDF libraries, declaring the functions to the database, calling the functions; working with Blob filters.
Designing Database Applications Designing a database application, including the decisions involved in designing a user interface, how to use databases and database architecture.
Building Multi-tiered Applications Understanding the elements of a database application, including datasets and transactions.
Introduction to IBX Using InterBase Express (IBX) data access components. Getting Started with InterBase Express
Connecting to Databases Database components and how to manipulate database connections.
Importing and Exporting Data Using IBX components to migrate data to and from a database.
Working with InterBase Services Building InterBase services into your applications.
Programming with Database Events Using an IBX TIBEvents component to manage InterBase server events.
Working with Cached Updates Working with cached updates and using the TIBUpdateSQL component to update datasets.
Understanding Datasets Working with datasets and TDataSet
Working with Queries Working with datasets and TDataSet.
Working with Tables Working with tables and TIBTable.
Working with Stored Procedures Using InterBase stored procedures in your database applications.
Debugging with SQL Monitor Using TIBSQLMonitor to monitor the dynamic SQL passing through the InterBase server. Building a Simple Monitoring Application
Writing Installation Wizards Using TIBSetup, TIBInstall, and TIBUninstall to build an InterBase installation program