Working with result sets

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By default, the result set returned by a query is read-only. Your application can display field values from the result set in data-aware controls, but users cannot edit those values. To enable editing of a result set, your application must use a TIBUpdateSQL component.

Updating a read-only result set

Applications can update data returned in a read-only result set if they are using cached updates. To update a read-only result set associated with a query component:

  1. Add a TIBUpdateSQL component to the data module in your application to essentially give you the ability to post updates to a read-only dataset.
  2. Enter the SQL update statement for the result set to the ModifySQL, InsertSQL, or DeleteSQL properties of the update component. To do this more easily, right-click on the TIBUpdateSQL component to access the UpdateSQL Editor.

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