Implementation of Blob, Clob, and Other Related API's

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The following new interfaces have been implemented for JDBC:

Blob, Clob, and other related API Interfaces
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For all API the parameter pos is ignored and assumed to be 1, hence the complete BLOB is returned. For example in the method OutputStream setBinaryStream(long pos) the parameter pos is ignored. The same is true for all other methods which take the "pos" parameter.

public long position(byte[] pattern, long start) and public long position (java.sql.Blob blob, long start) are not supported.



interbase. interclient IBBlobInputStream

Special implementation of the for InterBase Blob (and Clobs). Use the read() methods from this stream to access the underlying data.

In the java.sql.PreparedStatement class

  • public void setObject (int parameterIndex, Object x) now works when parameter x is of type
  • All variations of the setCharacterStream () method are implemented.
  • All variations of the setAsciiStream() and setBinaryStream() methods are implemented.
  • All variations of the setBlob() and setClob() methods are implemented.
  • The isClosed() method is implemented.

In the java.sql.Result class

  • All variations of the getCharacterStream () method are implemented.
  • All variations of the getBlob () and getClob() methods are implemented.

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