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The User Guides cover, in detail, all features and functions of the reference documents. Depending on what you are doing, the user guides can help you at every stage of development from learning the language, to embedding the database engine into you application.

Guide Name Description of Topics Covered
Operations Guide

How-to information on working with InterBase databases. Topics include:

  • Using IBConsole
  • Configuring and operating the InterBase server
  • Network configuration
  • Performing backups and restores
  • Using journaling and journal archiving
  • Database security
  • Interactive queries

Data Definition Guide

How-to information on designing and building InterBase databases. Topics include:

  • Specifying data types
  • Working with domains, tables, and indexes
  • Working with procedures, triggers, and generators
  • Encrypting databases and columns
  • Character sets and collation orders

Developer's Guide

How-to information on developing InterBase database applications using Embarcadero development tools, JDBC, and ODBC. Topics include:

  • Connecting to databases
  • Understanding datasets
  • Working with tables, queries, stored procedures, cached updated and events
  • Working with UDF and Blob filters
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Working with InterBase Services
  • Writing install wizards

API Guide

How-to information on developing InterBase applications using the InterBase API interface. Topics include:

  • Application requirements
  • Programming with the InterBase API
  • Working with databases, transactions, dynamic SQL, blob data, arrays, conversions, and service
  • Using the install and licensing APIs
  • Exporting XML
  • Handling error conditions
  • The InterBase API function reference

Embedded SQL Guide

How-to information on developing InterBase applications using embedded SQL. Topics include:

  • Application requirements
  • Working with databases, transactions, data definition statements, data, dates and times, arrays, stored procedures and events
  • Error handling
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Preprocessing, compiling and linking

Language Reference Guide

This is a reference guide to InterBase elements. Topics include:

  • The SQL statement and function reference
  • Procedures and triggers
  • Keywords
  • Error codes and messages
  • System tables, temporary tables, and views
  • Character sets and collation orders