Operations Guide

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The Operations Guide covers the "how-to" information on working with InterBase databases. Topics include:

  • Using IBConsole
  • Configuring and operating the InterBase server
  • Network configuration
  • Performing backups and restores
  • Using journaling and journal archiving
  • Database security
  • Interactive queries


Chapter Description
Introduction to Operations Describes the focus of this book, and provides a brief overview of its chapters.
Licensing (Operations Guide) This chapter summarizes the licensing provisions and add-ons available for InterBase products.
Server Configuration Describes the operation and configuration of the InterBase server process.
Network Configuration This chapter details issues with configuring InterBase in a networked client/server environment.
Database User Management Describes methods for configuring and enforcing security by controlling how a database is accessed and used.
Database Configuration and Maintenance Describes configuration and maintenance issues for individual databases.
Database Backup and Restore Describes the database backup and database restore.
Journaling and Disaster Recovery Describes journaling which combines the protection of forced writes with better performance, and also supports the improved disaster recovery provided by journal archiving.
Database Statistics and Connection Monitoring Covers the different ways of viewing statistics about database behavior and to exert control over that behavior.
Interactive Query This chapter documents the IBConsole interactive SQL (isql) and command-line isql utilities for InterBase.
Database and Server Performance This chapter describes techniques for designing and operating an InterBase client/server system for best speed and efficiency.
Migrating to InterBase Describes InterBase compliance with architectural standards.
InterBase Limits Defines the limits of a number of InterBase characteristics.