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InterBase is a mature product that was originally architected before current standards came into existence. As the standards evolved, it became clear that bringing InterBase into compliance with them would produce a somewhat challenging migration path.

With the advent of InterBase 6, InterBase 6 introduced an increased compliance with the SQL-92 standard, but migrating older (InterBase 5 and earlier) clients and databases might, in some cases, require considerable attention to detail.

The feature areas affected are: the use of double quotes, which are now reserved for delimited identifiers; the meaning of the DATE data type; the behavior of exact numeric data types, and the existence of new keywords that might conflict with older metadata names.

This document describes how to plan and execute a smooth migration from earlier versions of InterBase to InterBase 6 or later.

The earlier pages of this guide discuss the issues involved in the migration. Near the end, you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions for both in-place migration and for migrating an old database to a new one. See Migrating Servers and Databases,


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