Viewing Statistics using IBConsole

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Go Up to Database Statistics and Connection Monitoring

To view database statistics, use one of the following methods to access the Database Statistics dialog:

  • Select a connected database in the Tree pane and choose Database|Maintenance|Database Statistics.
  • Select a connected database in the Tree pane and double-click Database Statistics in the Work pane.
  • Right-click a connected database in the Tree pane and choose Maintenance|Database Statistics from the context menu.

A Database Statistics dialog appears where you can select which statistics you want to display.

Database Statistics Options

To view database statistics:

1. Select the statistical data you wish to generate from the Options list.
You can specify options by entering a value, by clicking the option value and choosing a new value from a drop-down list of values or by double-clicking the option value to rotate its value to the next in the list of values.
2. Click OK to generate database statistics.
Note: In some cases, it can take a long time to display the statistics for large databases because, depending on what information has been selected to report, generating these statistics may analyze all the tables and indexes in a database.

Database Statistics Dialog

The Database Statistics report dialog is a standard text display window that exhibits database summary and database analysis information statistics. For an explanation of how to use the standard text display window, see Text Viewer Window.


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