Developing with the ToGo Edition for Windows

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  1. In order to develop your application to work with the ToGo edition, replace the "gds32.lib" on your link path with the following files:
  • For Embarcadero-based linkers the file is located in the <app_dir>\interbase\sdk\lib\ibtogo.lib
  • For Microsoft-based linkers the file is located in the <app_dir>\interbase\sdk\lib_ms\ibtogo_ms.lib
  1. If you want to use the ToGo edition and ibtogo.dll with older applications or applications linked with gds32.lib, you need to copy the ibtogo.dll to gds32.dll and make sure this is the first in the path of your application. ibtogo.lib and gds32.lib both surface and support the same API so they can be moved from one to another.
    If you are developing with the ToGo edition, you will need the complete ToGo Edition set (The file includes the full file set for InterBase ToGo).

Deploying with the ToGo Edition for Windows

  1. When deploying with the ToGo edition, make sure the ibtogo.dll is available to your application when it is launched. The easiest way to ensure this is to include it in the same directory as your application.
The DLL is a file specially created to contain the function code and the definitions; a DLL is used by linking in a .lib file. An application linked using the DLL needs the DLL to be present at run time on the deployment machine, and be in the search PATH of the application.
  1. Also create a InterBase sub-directory under the directory where "ibtogo.dll" is located (if you followed the recommendation above, this should be your application directory) and copy the required InterBase config and interbase.msg file. InterBase licenses need to be made available in the InterBase/license folder. It is recommended that you use EUA which means that you will not need the admin.ib. If you do not want to use EUA, copy your admin.ib to the interbase sub-directory.
  2. You might need the internationalization, UDF, and other InterBase-provided libraries if you use them in your application.
  3. For ToGo deployment you just need the runtime file set defined in the following table; you do not need to deploy with the full file set.

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