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The file (where xx = 32 or 64) is the minimum file set required to deploy InterBase ToGo. This file set is primarily intended for VARs (Value Added Retailers) deployment.

The file (where xx = 32 or 64) includes the full file set for InterBase ToGo, and can be used for development with the ToGo edition.

  1. You can unzip these two files into a directory such as c:\Interbase\ToGo_Min and c:\InterBase\ToGo_full so you can copy them later.
  2. Depending on which type you want to deploy (minimum or full file set), copy the required InterBase config and interbase.msg file in an interbase sub-directory under your application directory.
The location of the InterBase configuration file and other files such as interbase.msg and license sub-directory are limited to the interbase sub-directory relative to the application. So if the running directory of the application is <app_dir> then the configuration file location is always restricted to <app_dir>\interbase. The INTERBASE environment variable is ignored.
It is recommended that you use EUA which means that you will not need the admin.ib. If you do not want to use EUA, copy your admin.ib to the interbase sub-directory.


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