File List for iOS ToGo Edition

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File Name Min.(runtime) kit Full Kit Notes
libibtogo.a Yes This is the InterBase ToGo static library which should be used to build Emulator and Device apps.
libibtogo.dylib Yes This is a mixed mode binary and should be used to build iPhoneSimulator apps only. Apple does not allow apps on the device to perform dynamic loading.
interbase/interbase.msg Yes Must be deployed to the app.
interbase/ibconfig Yes Optional: May be deployed with the app.
interbase/admin.ib Yes Optional: may be deployed with the app. This is not available if your deployed database is using EUA. You must deploy admin.ib with your application if you plan to use non-EUA databases or create a new database.
interbase/license.txt Yes Must be deployed on the app.
interbase/oss_license_notice.txt Yes Must be deployed on the app.
interbase\license\ibxe3togo.slip Yes This is just a placeholder; this will eventually be replaced with a proper license by the developer/customer.

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