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In earlier versions, InterBase database files were given a file extension of gdb by convention. InterBase no longer recommends using gdb as the extension for database files, since on some versions of Windows ME and Windows XP, any file that has this extension is automatically backed up by the System Restore facility whenever it is touched. On those two platforms, using the gdb extension for database names can result in a significant detriment to performance. Linux and Solaris are not affected. InterBase now recommends using ib as the extension for database names.

InterBase is available on a wide variety of platforms. In most cases users in a heterogeneous networking environment can access their InterBase database files regardless of platform differences between client and server machines if they know the file naming conventions of the target paltform.

Generally, InterBase fully supports each file naming conventions of a platform, including the use of node and path names. InterBase, however, recognizes two categories of file specification in commands and statements that accept more than one file name. The first file specification is called the primary file specification. Subsequent file specifications are called secondary file specifications. Some commands and statements place restrictions on using node names with secondary file specifications. In syntax statements, file specification is denoted as '<filespec>'

Primary File Specifications

InterBase syntax always supports a full file specification, including optional node name and full path, for primary file specifications. For example, the syntax notation for CREATE DATABASE appears as follows:

[USER 'username' [PASSWORD 'password']]
[PAGE_SIZE [=] int]
[LENGTH [=] int [PAGE[S]]]

In this syntax, the <filespec> that follows CREATE DATABASE supports a node name and path specification, including a platform-specific drive or volume specification.

Secondary File Specifications

For InterBase syntax that supports multiple file specification, such as CREATE DATABASE, all file specifications after the first one are secondary. Secondary file specifications cannot include a node name, but can specify a full path name.

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