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int (*fp_status)(int status, void *status_arg, const TEXT* act_desc)

fp_status() is a callback function supplied by you, the developer. It accepts an integer, status, indicating percent of install/uninstall completed. If you pass a pointer to fp_status() to either isc_install_execute() or isc_uninstall_execute(), they call fp_status() at intervals and pass it a number indicating percent completion so that you can display a status bar or other indicator to the end user.

fp_status() also passes back text containing the action being performed, such as “Copy Server Files.”

Parameter Type Description



Accepts an integer from 0 to 100 from either isc_install_execute() or isc_uninstall_execute(). The integer passed in indicates the percent of the install/uninstall completed.



A pointer to optional user-defined data passed to isc_install_execute() or isc_uninstall_execute()



Provides text that can be displayed as part of the progress indicator

Return value: The fp_status() function must return either isc_install_ fp_continue or isc_install_ fp_abort.

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