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The Services API is a group of functions in the InterBase client library (gds32.dll on Windows, libgds.a on UNIX/Linux). The features that you can exercise with the Services API include those of the command-line tools gbak, gfix, gsec, gstat, and iblicense. (See the Operations Guide for information on these tools.) The Services API can also perform other functions that are not provided by these tools.

All InterBase servers include a facility called the Services Manager. The Services API enables client applications to submit requests to the Services Manager of an InterBase server, and the Services Manager performs the tasks. The server can be local (on the same host as your application), or remote (on another host on the network). The Services API offers the same features when connected to either local or remote InterBase servers.

The Services API family consists of the following four functions:

For full details on the syntax and options of the Services API functions, see the reference entries for isc_service_attach(), isc_service_detach(), isc_service_query(), and isc_service_start().

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