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This release introduces bug fixes. See Resolved Defects for a complete list of bug fixes.

This Readme covers the following sections:

Note: Click Previous Releases for all releases prior to InterBase 2020 Update 4.
Note: Click here to view the resolved issues and the new features of the 2017 release.

New Features

There are no new features on this release.


New installers

Note: Starting with InterBase 2017 Update 3 there is a single unified installer for both English and Japanese.

Order of prepared parameters

In a parameterized query, the order of parameters received for an Input SQLDA has been fixed. The fixed order is now both intuitive and in "visible order" as per ANSI/SQL standard requirements. This is useful especially when parameters are used in the main query's conjuncts (WHERE conditions), and in the query's column-list which have one or more sub-query(s) themselves with parameters in them. The client API, isc_dsql_describe_bind(), now correctly returns the visual order sequence number for each parameter in the input SQLDA and uses it internally to transform the user provided SQLVARs to InterBase engine expected order. The changes are only available for SQLDA version >= 2.

A new example, api17.c, has been provided to showcase how this works. The sample below showcases how named parameters are used in IBX and FireDAC components. The named parameters should work for both :TEST and :NO in that parameter order. The client component is expected to provide values in the SQLVAR array in the visible order of :TEST followed by :NO parameters.

select P.emp_no, P.first_name, P.last_name, (select 1 from RDB$DATABASE where 1 <> :TEST) 
from employee P 
where P.emp_no = :NO

New IBConfig parameter PREDICTIVE_IO_PAGES

This parameter allows you to manipulate the number of pages to be prefetched. This parameter should be left on its default status and changed only for testing purposes when it is suspected to produce performance issues. You can find more information Here.


This parameter allows you to enable/disable the use of partial index selectivity data for SQL query optimization. This parameter should be left on its default status and changed only for testing purposes when it is suspected to produce performance issues. You can find more information Here.

Change View Performance

In InterBase 2020 Update 4 Change View retrieval performance has been enhanced.

Note: This performance enhancement only works on ODS 17 databases.

First Sweep of a Restored Database is now a Fast Sweep

With InterBase 2020 Update 4, any database that you restore is immediately marked as swept, therefore the first sweep of that database is a fast sweep. In order to take advantage of this feature, you need to perform a database restore with InterBase 2020 Update 4 and use either ODS 15 or ODS 16. See Sweep Interval and Automated Housekeeping for more information about sweeping.

Bug Fixes

See Resolved Defects for a list of bug fixes in InterBase 2017 Update 3.

System Requirements/Prerequisites

For system requirements to install and run InterBase, see System Requirements/Prerequisites.

Migration Issues for InterBase 2020

  • Database backups created with InterBase 2020 Update 1 should be restored with a 2020 Update 1 (or greater) client (gbak) or server (service api) version. If you choose to restore the backup to an older version of the server with an older ODS version, please use the 2020 Update 1 GBAK client to restore.
  • InterBase 2020 creates databases with ODS 18 by default, but it can connect to databases with ODS 13 and later versions for transactional workload.
  • InterBase 2020 allows backup of ODS 11 and ODS 12 databases using the gbak command-line tool only using client/server mode, not service manager mode. You can use this feature when migrating from old InterBase ODS 11 and 12 databases.
  • New InterBase keywords introduced in this release include: COLLATION is a reserved keywords in InterBase 2020.

Known Issues

  • On macOS, InterBase Server Edition, Japanese Language installer brings up the English UI. Current diagnosis indicates this is a problem with the InstallAnywhere version used by us and there is no workaround.
  • Issue:Server-side Performance Monitoring via admin.ib works using ISQL command-line tool, but throws a "Key violation" exception when used via IBConsole Performance Monitoring UI

Resolved Defects

Click here for list of resolved defects in InterBase XE7

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