InterBase Quick Start: Part I - Create a Database

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Image 025.jpgCreating the TUTORIAL Database

In this tutorial, you use the TUTORIAL database. Follow the steps below to create that database:

  1. Log on to the server as TUTOR.
  2. Right click on Databases and select Create Database.
  3. Enter Tutorial in the Alias field.
  4. Use the ... button to browse to the location for the database or enter the location into the File Name field.
    In this tutorial, we use C:\Projects\InterBase\Tutorials, but you can use another location if you wish.
  5. Use Tutorial.ib as the file name.

Image 025.jpgConnecting to the TUTORIAL Database

To connect to the TUTORIAL database, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Tutorial database in the left pane of IBConsole.
  2. Choose Database > Connect.
    The Database Connect dialog opens automatically when you create the TUTORIAL database.
  3. Enter the password for the user TUTOR.
  4. Use Connect.
    Use the Save Settings check box to save the creadentials for the next time that you connect to this database. In order to connect as a different user, choose Database > Connect As.
  5. The status bar displays the name of the connected user, in this case: TUTOR.

You can use the Interactive SQL Window and the RECONNECT clause to reconnect to a database. This method would be the same as a disconnect and using Connect As...

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