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Reconnects to the latest successfully connected database. RECONNECT is available in isql and in IBConsole.



RECONNECT [USER <username>] [PASSWORD <password>] [ROLE <rolename>] [CACHE <number>] [lc_ctype <charset> DIALECT <dialect_number>];
Argument Description

USER <username>

String or host-language variable that specifies a user name for the database. The server checks the user name against the security database. User names are case-insensitive.

PASSWORD <password>

String or host-language variable, that specifies a password for the database. The server checks the password against the security database. Passwords are case-sensitive.

ROLE <rolename>

String or host-language variable up to 67 characters in size, that specifies the role that the user adopts for this connection to the database. The user can adopt at most one role per connection, and cannot switch roles (except by reconnecting).

CACHE <number>

Sets the number of cache buffers for a database, which determines the number of database pages a program can use at the same time. Values for <number>:

  • Default: 256
  • Maximum value: system-dependent

Note: a value of 256 or NONE clears the cache parameter.

lc_type <character set>

Sets the character set, Use NONE to remove the character set.

DIALECT <dialect number>

Sets the Dialect number, available values are: 1, 2, 3


The RECONNECT statement connects to the last successfully connected database. All parameters for the RECONNECT statement are optional. If you do not specify a parameter, RECONNECT uses the value that you pass via Command-line Options.


RECONNECT USER 'sysdba' PASSWORD 'masterkey';
RECONNECT USER 'sysdba' PASSWORD 'masterkey' ROLE 'DBA';

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