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InterBase provides an intuitive graphical user interface called IBConsole. With IBConsole you can perform all the necessary tasks to configure and maintain an InterBase server, to create and administer databases on the server, and to execute interactive SQL (isql). IBConsole only runs on Windows, but can manage databases on any server on the local network. For more information about the IBConsole environment, see the IBConsole reference topics.

Some of the tasks that the IBConsole enables you to perform:

  • Manage server security: Authorize new users, change user passwords and remove users.
  • Manage server licenses (certificates).
  • Manage databases: Create new databases and set database properties.
  • Back up and restore a database.
  • Monitor database performance.
  • View server statistics.
  • Perform database maintenance, such as:
  • Validate the integrity of a database.
  • Repair a corrupted database.
  • Sweep a database.
  • Recover "limbo" transactions.
  • Manage local and remote servers.
  • Shut down and restart a database.
  • Execute SQL.
  • View database metadata in DDL script format.

InterBase 2020 introduces the following enhancements to IBConsole:

  • 64-bit version of IBConsole in InterBase 64-bit edition.
  • IBConsole now supports server wide Performance Monitoring.
  • Tracing to facilitate better debugging.
  • Table Metadata extraction now includes dependent encryption schema, if any.
  • Support for Creating Tablespaces.
  • Support for Backup/Restore Database and Tablespaces
  • New Indices Tab on the Performance Monitor window.
  • SQL (WISQL) window:
  • Support for executing a SET SUBSCRIPTION syntax in WISQL, and execute Change Views related queries with activated subscriptions. To understand InterBase Change Views refer to Change Views documentation. You can also watch a video at https://youtu.be/h5E1QvZ1rG8
  • Enhanced data grid, support for filtering data sets.
  • Support for syntax highlighting in WISQL window.
  • SHOW TRANSACTION: A new Show tab for displaying the output of this statement in WISQL window, it will show you the current transaction mode and related information.
  • Enhanced support for RECONNECT: This will allow you to reconnect to the same database from within your SQL script to execute other statement with a different user context, and/or transaction mode.
  • Support for showing image graphics (from blob content) in Data Grid when possible.
  • Query Data grid: Support for exporting results to to Excel, HTML, XML and Text. Accessible through the menu bar, Query > Export Results.

The following topics serve as reference documentation for the IBConsole environment. They provide a description of the IBConsole components. Refer to the Operations Guide for details on the use of these components.


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