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NetBEUI is supported on all Windows clients, but only Windows server platforms support NetBEUI as a server.

Use this property sheet to test NetBEUI connectivity between the client and the server.

Communications Dialog: NetBEUI

To run a NetBEUI connectivity test:

  1. Select a Windows server on which InterBase has been installed from the Server Name drop-down list. If the desired server does not exist in this list, you can type the server name in the edit portion of the drop-down list.
  2. Click Test to display the results of the connectivity test in the Results text area.

Sample output (NetBEUI connection):

Attempting to attach to DBSERVE using
the following named pipe:
NetBEUI Communication Test Passed!

The connection may fail if a Microsoft Windows network is not the default network for the client. You should also be logged into the Windows network with a valid user name and password.

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