Preparing the ib_license.dat File

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InterBase authorization codes are stored in the ib_license.dat file in the InterBase root directory. This file contains authorization codes from previous installs. Authorization codes for previous versions of InterBase do not work with the current version, but you should retain them in case you need them for older versions. If you delete the file, InterBase cannot replace the codes.

There is also an ib_license.dat file on the InterBase CD-ROM, which contains the client activation code for the current client version. Following the steps in this section ensures that you are using the most recent client authorizations and that no prior authorization codes are lost:

  • Check for the existence of ib_license.dat in the InterBase install directory.
  • If the file is found, concatenate it with the ib_license.dat that is on the CD-ROM to add the current client capability.
  • If the file is not found, copy ib_license.dat from the CD-ROM to the InterBase install directory.

These steps ensure that you have retained any existing licensed server functionality while providing functionality for the latest client.

The capabilities activated on the server are the union of the capabilities activated by each line.

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