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The JDBC driver InterClient has been enabled to allow SSL/TLS connections. For this new feature, there are some new properties that have been introduced to the JDBC driver. It is important to note that JDBC 1.4 and above is needed for this functionality.

For information on InterBase Over-the-Wire (OTW) encryption, see Setting up OTW Encryption.

The client application will indicate to the JDBC driver that it needs to perform OTW encryption via the database connection string. The connection string will take OTW properties as specified in the syntax below.

 jdbc:interbase://<secure server host name>:<secure server port number>/<database path>/<database name>?ssl=true?[serverPublicFile=<server public key file>| [?clientPrivateFile=<client private key file>][?clientPassPhrase=client private key password|?clientPassPhraseFile=<file containing the client private key password].
For a complete explanation of each property, see Extended Properties.

Example: The following is an example of how this will be used in a java program.

public class Example{

  public static main (String [] args) {

    final String driverClass = "interbase.interclient.Driver";
    final String user = "sysdba"; // username
    final String password = "masterkey"; // password
    final String jdbc = "jdbc:interbase://localhost:3052/C:/Borland/InterBase/ examples/database/employee.gdb?ssl=true ?serverPublicFile=c:/users/smistry/ibserver.public";

    Class.forName( driverClass );

    Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection( jdbc, user, password );

    …. /* use the secure connection here */



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