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Go Up to Communication Diagnostics

Use this property sheet to test Winsock TCP/IP connectivity.

Communications dialog: TCP/IP

To run a winsock TCP/IP connectivity test:

1. Enter either a network host name or IP address in the Host text field.
2. Select a service name or number from the drop-down Service list. Possible service selections are: 21, Ping, 3050, ftp, gds_db.
Select Ping from the Service drop-down list to display a summary of round-trip times and packet loss statistics.
3. Click Test to display the results of the connectivity test in the Results text area.

Sample results (ftp):

Initialized Winsock.
Attempting connection to DBSERVE.
Socket for connection obtained.
Found service ‘FTP’ at port ‘21’.
Connection established to host ‘DBSERVE’ on port 21.
TCP/IP Communication Test Passed!

Sample results (ping):

Pinging DBSERVE [] with 32 bytes of data.
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time=0ms TTL=128
Ping statistics for
Packets: Send = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0%),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 1ms, Average = 0ms
Using Communication Diagnostics to Diagnose Connection Problems
If the error message is Then check

Failed to find named port

Your services file to be sure there is an entry for gds_db in the form: gds_db 3050/tcp.

Failed to connect to host

  • Hostname, port 3050
  • The InterBase Server to make sure it is installed properly, is running, and is configured for TCP/IP.

Failed to resolve hostname

  • Hostname
  • Your hosts file or DNS to be sure it has an entry for the server.
  • That you used a hostname and not an IP address.

Unavailable database

Whether the InterBase server is running; the server must be running before attempting a database connection.

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