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The following table lists the chapters in the Language Reference, and provides a brief description of them:

Chapter Description

Using the InterBase Language Reference

Introduces the book, and describes its intended audience.

SQL Statement and Function Reference

Provides syntax and usage information for SQL and DSQL language elements.

Procedures and Triggers

Describes syntax and usage information for stored procedure and trigger language.


Lists keywords, symbols, and punctuation, that have special meaning to InterBase.

Error Codes and Messages

Summarizes InterBase error messages and error codes.

System Tables, Temporary Tables, and Views

Describes InterBase system tables and views that track metadata.

Character Sets and Collation Orders

Explains all about character sets and corresponding collation orders for a variety of environments and uses.

Note: For a listing of functions provided in the InterBase UDF library, see the “Working with UDFs and Blob Filters” chapter in the Developer's Guide.

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