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Use the following options when compiling applications with C++Builder:

Option Action


Turns on source debugging.


Structure padding/byte alignment.


  • Defines the string “WIN32”.
  • With no argument, it defines it to the null string.


Makes the target multi-threaded.


  • Makes the target a console .EXE with all functions exportable.
  • Cannot be used with the -tWCD option.


Makes the target a console .DLL with all functions exportable; cannot be used with the -tWC option.

The following command creates a DLL named funclib.dll from a source file named udf.c:

implib mygds32.lib \interbas\bin\gds32.dll
bcc32 -v -a4 -DWIN32 -tWM -tWCD -efunclib.dll udf.c mygds32.lib

The following commands create an InterBase executable named udftest.exe (which calls into funclib.dll) from a source file named udftest.e containing embedded SQL commands.

implib udf.lib funclib.dll
gpre -e udftest.e
bcc32 -v -a4 -DWIN32 -tWM -tWC udftest.c udf.lib mygds32.lib

When linking applications with the C command line linker, use the /c option (case sensitive link).

There are equivalent general linker options within the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The default in the IDE is case-sensitive link (/c option) alone, which causes unresolved linker errors for all of the InterBase entry points.

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