What's New in InterBase 2020

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InterBase 2020 includes new features and bug fixes.

See the following sections for more information:

New Features


InterBase multifile database may be interpreted as occupying a single primary tablespace. This tablespace presents a single logical collection of database pages numbered by their sequence in this collection. Starting with InterBase 2020 users can define other named tablespaces that present independent logical collections of pages. For more information refer to Tablespace


InterBase users prior to InterBase 2020 would execute a UPDATE <system_table> SET RDB$DESCRIPTION=<blob_text> WHERE <entity_name>=<user_entity>, for each entity type. This requires the user to know the database system schema in detail for each entity type. The new DDL syntax takes away this complexity, and provides a new ALTER DESCRIPTION FOR syntax that is standard across all database entities supported by InterBase. For more information refer to ALTER DESCRIPTION


InterBase 2020 introduces TMP$INDICES a new system table included as part of the Performance Monitoring system tables. This table tracks all loaded indices per table in the database with key metrics for monitoring. For more information refer to TMP$INDICES


InterBase 2020 introduces the following enhancements to the IBConsole tool:

Performance Monitor

A new Indices tab that shows a table with details about indices.

Interactive SQL Window

  • Closing the Interactive SQL Window on a read only transaction no longer prompts a commit or rollback dialog, transaction is commited and the window closes.
  • Enhanced support for the RECONNECT clause, it now supports CACHE, lc_ctype and DIALECT.
  • A new Show tab, this tab shows information from isql SHOW statements
  • InterBase 2020 features support (Tablespaces, Alter Description DDL)
  • Change Views subscription context and coloring of change status
  • Syntax highlighting of queries
  • 64-bit IBConsole.exe binary with 64-bit Edition of InterBase
  • Server-wide Performance Monitoring enhancements
  • WISQL SHOW commands

NOT Operator Optimizations

InterBase 2020 introduces optimizations for the NOT operator, for more information refer to NOT Operator Optimizations


InterBase ToGo/IBLite Support

  • Added , macOS 64-bit support for InterBase ToGo/IBLite Edition.
  • Added Android 64-bit support for InterBase ToGo/IBLite Edition.

Bug Fixes

See Resolved Defects for a list of bug fixes in InterBase 2020.

System Requirements/Prerequisites

For system requirements to install and run InterBase, see System Requirements/Prerequisites.