What's New in InterBase 2020 Update 2

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InterBase 2020 Update 2 includes new features and bug fixes.

See the following sections for more information:

New Features


  • ISQL support to use EXTRACT for showing EUA database setup and EUA user records when connected as database owner.
  • ISQL support to EXTRACT Change View Subscription definitions and their use in Database/Table schemas.
  • Support to EXTRACT Encryption Key definitions when run as user SYSDSO, and database/column encryptions when run as database owner


  • InterBase already supports Common Table Expressions, this update introduces support for recursive CTE.


  • IBConsole can now set database write attributes when restoring databases.


  • Using gstat -h or services API now show information about SEP(system encryption password)on the header page statistics.

Bug Fixes

See Resolved Defects for a list of bug fixes in InterBase 2020 Update 2.

System Requirements/Prerequisites

For system requirements to install and run InterBase, see System Requirements/Prerequisites.