What's New in InterBase XE7 Update 3

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May, 2015

The InterBase XE7 Update 3 includes several updates and enhancements.

This document includes:

New Features
System Requirements
Resolved Defects

New Features

Please, also see the New Features for Update 1 and New Features for Update 2.

Change Views Keywords going to non_reserved

The InterBase XE7 release introduced the Change Views feature that included the addition of several InterBase-specific, non-standard SQL keywords. These SQL keywords were classified as reserved, which means that user SQL objects cannot be named with identifiers matching those keywords. Those keywords are: CHANGE, CHANGED, INSERTED, UPDATED, and DELETED.

Now, these keywords have been changed from reserved to non_reserved.

Making these keywords non_reserved will eliminate an unnecessary migration risk.

System Requirements/Prerequisites

For system requirements to install and run InterBase XE7, please refer to the Installation, Registration, and Licensing Information documentation.

Important: Be sure to check the updated requirements for the InterBase XE7.

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