Working with Array Data

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This chapter describes arrays of data types and how to work with them using API functions. It shows how to set up an array descriptor specifying the array or array subset to be retrieved or written to, and how to use the two API functions that control access to arrays.

The following table summarizes the API functions for working with arrays. First the functions that can be used to populate an array descriptor are listed, followed by the functions for accessing array data:

Function Purpose


Looks up and stores into an array descriptor the data type, length, scale, and dimensions for all elements in the specified array column of the specified table.


Performs the same actions as the function, isc_array_lookup_desc2(), but also looks up and stores the upper and lower bounds of each dimension.


Initializes an array descriptor from parameters passed to it.


Retrieves data from an array.


Writes data to an array.


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