Comparing IBLite, ToGo, and InterBase Server Edition

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The following table lists the features of each application. This table lists the features of the Server Edition as well.

Attribute Description IBLite Edition InterBase ToGo
InterBase Server
Licensing of CPU Cores

1 4 8
Licensed simultaneous users

1 2 Unlimited
Number of connections per user

1 4 4
Access local database from clients on
remote systems
No No Yes
Connect to server hosting database on remote systems
Yes Yes Yes
TCP Listening Server

No No Yes
Strong (AES) Database and Column Encryption No encryption of any kind (weak or strong) allowed

Yes Yes
Strong Network (SSL) Encryption

No encryption of any kind (weak or strong) allowed

Yes Yes
Able to Import Add-on Licenses

No No Yes
Database File Size Limitation

100MB No limit No limit
Simultaneous Transaction per Connection

1* No limits No limits
Change Views

No Yes Yes
Services API Enabled

No Yes Yes
OTW/SSL Support

No Yes Yes
Metadata Updates (ddl operations)

Yes Yes Yes
External Table Access

Yes Yes Yes
Performance Monitoring

No No Yes

* Note: Technically 2 transactions are allowed. However, one of them is intended so that some drivers use it for metadata queries (for example, in dbExpress).

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