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InterBase is a full-featured, high performance, zero administration, lightweight, embeddable relational database for software developers. See About InterBase for more information.

Getting Started

An overview of changes and instructions on how to install and register InterBase.

InterBase User Guides

The User Guides cover, in detail, all features and functions of the reference documents.


Learn how to obtain licensing for the different InterBase platforms.


IBConsole is a graphical user interface (GUI) for InterBase.

Change Views

The Change Views feature allows you to quickly answer the question, "What data has changed since I last viewed it?"


Tutorials and videos walking you through some of the basic functions of InterBase:

A step-by-step tutorial that guides you to create and manage a database.
A detailed tutorial covering how to get started with ToGo for all platforms.
A comprehensive quick start guide about the process of getting started with InterBase as a Value Added Retailer (VAR).
A guide for connecting to InterBase from Visual Studio.
InterBase-related documentation in the RAD Studio wiki.

Video Tutorials and Demos

Additional Resources

Other useful resources.

The Embarcadero Community website.
The Embarcadero Community forum.
The Embarcadero Support website.

InterBase LogoInterBase – IoTA Internet of things awards Winner 2015