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March, 2015

The InterBase XE7 Update 1 includes several updates and enhancements. See the New Features section for a complete explanation for each.

This document includes:

New Features
System Requirements
Resolved Defects

New Features

This release contains the following new features and enhancements to existing features:

Updated Workflow for ToGo Edition

This release includes a ToGo Trial Edition that will expire 30 days after registration. See InterBase ToGo Trial Licenses for licensing information.

Change Views Updates

This release includes the following changes in Change Views:

SQL Extensions


The ability to drop subscriptions was added to Change Views for the InterBase XE7 Update 1 release. The syntax for DROP SUBSCRIPTION is:


To eliminate interest in observing a set of change views, a subscription must be dropped.

  • If RESTRICT is specified, then a check of existing subscribers is performed.
  • If there are subscribers, then an error is returned without dropping the subscription.
  • If CASCADE is specified, then all subscribers of this subscription are also dropped.
  • If neither RESTRICT nor CASCADE is specified, then RESTRICT is assumed.

SQL Extensions

InterBase SQL provides support for Change Views with the IS [NOT] {CHANGED | INSERTED | UPDATED | DELETED} clause.

SET SUBSCRIPTION sub_employee_changes ACTIVE;
EMP_NO     DEPT_NO           SALARY
--------   ----------        ----------
109        600               75000

In the example above, we see that EMP_NO=37 employee's department reassignment is not returned since he received no compensation adjustment for a lateral move. The IS CHANGED clause will detect the modification of a column due to any kind of SQL operation.

IBConsole Updates

This release includes several significant updates for the IBConsole feature:

Start Here Tab

A "Start Here" tab opens when IBConsole is accessed. This tab contains a collection of videos, user guides, and tutorials. It also gives you access to the InterBase website that includes an overview, a description of what's new, frequently asked questions, testimonials, and tutorial videos.

IBConsole Database Pane

The pane located in the bottom left corner lists the most frequently used databases. Click the database name link to connect to that database.


Change Views Subscription Support

IBConsole now supports a subscription editor. This subscription returns data that have changed since the prior transaction in which the implicit view was observed. This allows you to see what data has changed since the last time you viewed it.

  • Right click on a database subscription field and click Create to gain access to the Subscription Editor dialog.

System Requirements/Prerequisites

For system requirements to install and run InterBase XE7, please refer to the Installation, Registration, and Licensing Information documentation: Installation, Registration, and Licensing Information.

Important: Be sure to check the updated requirements for the InterBase XE7.

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