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function PSGetCommandText: string; override;


virtual System::UnicodeString __fastcall PSGetCommandText();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Bde.DBTables TQuery


Gets the SQL command to be executed by PSExecute.

Bde.DBTables.TQuery.PSGetCommandText inherits from Data.DB.TDataSet.PSGetCommandText. All content below this line refers to Data.DB.TDataSet.PSGetCommandText.

Gets the SQL command to be executed by PSExecute.

If the provider's Options property includes poAllowCommandText, clients can supply an SQL command along with a call to TCustomProvider.GetRecords or TCustomProvider.Execute. This command is passed to the dataset by a call to PSSetCommandText, and subsequently executed by a call to PSExecute.

This method is an implementation of the IProviderSupport.PSGetCommandText method and, by default, returns an empty string, because TDataSet does not implement a provider by default. To use it, every TDataSet descendant must override it in its specific way.

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