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TEffect = class(TFmxObject)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TEffect : public Fmx::Types::TFmxObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Effects FMX.Effects


Base class for most of the FireMonkey graphic effects classes.

FMX.Effects.TFilterEffect, a descendant of TEffect, is the base class for filter effects in FMX.Filter.Effects and bitmap effects in FMX.Effects.

TEffect descendants are nonvisual components that can be found in the Effects category on the Tool Palette. You can apply an effect to any FireMonkey visual component. To use a descendant of TEffect at design time, make sure that the effect is a child of the component; for example, a button on a form. To add an effect, drop an effect component from the Tool Palette onto the form, and then, in the Structure View, move the effect component so that it is a child of the button control in the hierarchy.

To set an action that will trigger the effect when applied to the visual component, use the Trigger property in the Object Inspector. Each of the TEffect subclasses have additional specific properties to configure. For further information, go to FireMonkey Image Effects.

Tip: In FireMonkey, nonvisual components are not visible at design time, but they can be seen in the Structure View.

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