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property UsingDesignCamera: Boolean read FUsingDesignCamera write SetUsingDesignCamera default True;


__property bool UsingDesignCamera = {read=FUsingDesignCamera, write=SetUsingDesignCamera, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Forms3D TCustomForm3D


Specifies whether this form will use the default design camera or a custom camera while rendering this 3D form.

The camera controls the view of the 3D space in this 3D form. The design camera is used in the Form Designer and, by default, at run time. The design camera is directly above the negative-Z axis (toward negative-Y), perpendicular to the X-Z plane, angled slightly downward so that position 0,0,0 is in the center of the view.

If you want to use this default camera, set UsingDesignCamera to True. Otherwise, if you want to use a different camera, set the UsingDesignCamera property of this form to False, and assign a new TCamera object to the Camera property.

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