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Defines 3D drawing primitives for FireMonkey.

Package fmx280.bpl


TConeRepresents a 3D cone.
TCubeRepresents a 3D cube.
TCustomMeshRepresents a 3D wireframe (mesh) for generic use.
TCylinderRepresents a 3D cylinder.
TDiskRepresents a 3D flat disk.
TDummyRepresents a class for 3D dummy objects.
TEllipse3DRepresents a 3D ellipse.
TExtrudedShape3DRepresents an extruded 3D shape.
TGrid3DRepresents a 3D grid that can be used for drawing.
TMeshRepresents a 3D shape that can be customized.
TModel3DRepresents a generic 3D model consisting of a collection of meshes.
TPath3DRepresents a 3D object that can display path data.
TPlaneRepresents a 2D plane that can be employed in a 3D form.
TRectangle3DRepresents a 3D rectangle.
TRoundCubeRepresents a 3D cube with rounded corners.
TShape3DRepresents a generic 3D shape.
TSphereRepresents a 3D sphere.
TStrokeCubeRepresents a stroked 3D cube.
TText3DRepresents a 3D rendered text.


TExtrudedShapeSideIs an enumeration of extruded shape sides for pseudo 3D objects.
TExtrudedShapeSidesIs a set of TExtrudedShapeSide for use with pseudo 3D objects.
TMeshCollectionIs an alias for TMeshDynArray.
TMeshDynArrayIs a dynamic array of TMesh objects.
TMeshWrapModeSpecifies how a 3D object should fit in the bounding box of a control.