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Go Up to Project Menu

Project > Add to Repository
Form Designer | right-click | Add to Repository

Saves a customized form or project template in the Object Repository for reuse in other projects. The saved forms and templates are then available in the New Items dialog box when you choose File > New > Other .

Item Description


Lists the current category names.

New Category

Adds a folder with a new category to the Object Repository.


Gives the template a name.


Gives a description of the template. The description appears when you choose File > New > Other , select the template in the Object Repository, right-click, and choose View Details from the context menu.


Identifies the author of the application. Author information appears only when you choose File > New > Other , select the template, right-click, and choose View Details from the context menu.


Opens the Select Icon dialog box where you can select an icon to represent the item in the Object Repository. You can use a bitmap of any size, but it will be cropped to 60 x 40 pixels.

You can specify the path where you want the product to look for the file (RADStudioRepository.xml) that describes where the Object Repository templates are located. If you want to change the path, choose Tools > Options > Environment Options and enter the path in the Shared Repository text box. After you save a form or project as a template, you can edit its description, delete the template, or change its icon by taking the following steps:

  1. Click Tools > Template Libraries....
  2. Click the Properties... button.
  3. Choose the repository item you want to edit:
    • Click the Edit button to edit it.
    • Click the Delete button to delete it.