Adding a Cool Bar Component

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Note: The TCoolBar component requires version 4.70 or later of COMCTL32.DLL.

The cool bar component (TCoolBar) - also called a rebar - displays windowed controls on independently movable, resizable bands. The user can position the bands by dragging the resizing grips on the left side of each band.

To add a cool bar to a form in a VCL application:

  1. Add a cool bar component to the form (from the Win32 page of the Tool palette). The cool bar automatically aligns to the top of the form.
  2. Add windowed controls from the Tool palette to the bar.

Only VCL components that descend from TWinControl are windowed controls. You can add graphic controls, such as labels or speed buttons, to a cool bar, but they will not appear on separate bands.


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