Setting the Appearance of the Cool Bar

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The cool bar component offers several useful configuration options. The table below lists some actions you can set to change a tool button's appearance:

Setting a cool button's appearance :

To make the cool bar: Set the toolbar's:

Resize automatically to accommodate the bands it contains

AutoSize property to True.

Bands maintain a uniform height

FixedSize property to True.

Reorient to vertical rather than horizontal

Vertical property to True. This changes the effect of the FixedSize property.

Prevent the Text properties of the bands from displaying at run time

ShowText property to False. Each band in a cool bar has its own Text property.

Remove the border around the bar

BandBorderStyle to bsNone.

Keep users from changing the bands' order at run time. (The user can still move and resize the bands.)

FixedOrder to True.

Create a background image for the cool bar

Bitmap property to TBitmap object.

Choose a list of images to appear on the left of any band

Images property to TImageList object.

To assign images to individual bands, select the cool bar and double-click on the Bands property in the Object Inspector. Then select a band and assign a value to its ImageIndex property.

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