Adding a Project to Version Control

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Go Up to Version Control Systems in the IDE

You can add a project to a local Subversion or Git repository.

  1. In the Projects Window, right-click the project that you want to add to the local repository.
  2. Select the version control system you want to use:
    • For Subversion: Add to Version Control > Subversion. The Import Pane appears.
    • For Git: Add to Version Control > Git. The Import Pane appears.
  3. In the URL of repository field, either enter the address of your remote repository, or click the ellipsis button [...] to browse for the location.
  4. In Files to be committed, check the files you want to commit at this time.
  5. In Files not under <project directory> - These files will not be committed, verify that there are no files listed here that you want to add to your local repository.
    Note: If you want to import any of the files listed in this field, you need to move the files into the directory tree. All files must have a common root directory.
  6. Add a comment describing your new adds in the Import Comment box.
  7. Click Import.

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