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Go Up to Run Menu

Run > Attach to Process

Debugs a process that is currently running on either your local computer, a remote PC, or a multi-device target platform.

Item Description


Select the debugger you want to use to debug the process:

  • Embarcadero Windows 32-bit Debugger - for Windows 32-bit applications.
  • Embarcadero Windows 64-bit Debugger for Delphi - for Windows 64-bit Delphi applications.
  • Embarcadero Windows 64-bit LLDB Debugger for C++ - for Windows 64-bit C++ applications.
  • Embarcadero Linux 64-bit Debugger - for Linux 64-bit applications.
  • Embarcadero iOS Device 64-bit Debugger - for iOS 64-bit applications compiled for iOS devices.
  • Embarcadero Android 32-bit Debugger - for Android 32-bit applications compiled for Android 32-bit target platforms.
  • Embarcadero Android 64-bit Debugger - for Android 64-bit applications compiled for Android 64-bit target platforms.
  • Embarcadero macOS 64-bit Debugger - for macOS 64-bit applications.
  • Embarcadero macOS ARM 64-bit Debugger - for macOS and iOS Simulator ARM 64-bit applications.

Remote machine

Complete this field according to the debugging solution you are using:

  • If you are using the old-style remote debugging solution:
    • The remote debug server (such as rmtdbg280.exe for 32-bit Windows) must be running on the remote computer. There are different sets of remote debug server files for each supported target platform.
    • If a port was specified when starting the remote debug server, enter a colon after the host name, followed by the port. For example, if you specified port 8000, specify the remote host as somehost:8000 or Otherwise, the default port 64447 is used.

Running processes

Lists the processes currently running on the local machine or, if specified, the remote machine (the Remote Debug Server must be running).

Image Name

Lists the name of the process.


Lists the process identifier of the process.


Lists the location of the process.

Show system processes

Includes system processes in the Running Processes list.

Pause after attach

Pauses the process after the debugger attaches to it and displays the CPU View. You will need to run, step, or trace to resume execution.


Refreshes and redisplays the list of running processes.


Attaches the debugger to the selected process and, if Pause after attach is enabled, displays the CPU window.

The Attach button is disabled for the IDE itself or for any process that you have already attached to with the debugger.

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