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BCCAARM is the RAD Studio C++ compiler for Android.

BCCAARM is based on Clang. See Clang-enhanced C++ Compilers for information that the BCCAARM compiler has in common with other Clang-enhanced C++ compilers.

General Information

Field Value
Clang Version 3.3
LLVM Version 3.3
Calling Conventions AAPCS
Name Mangling Itanium
Standard Library GNU libstdc++

Output Files

File Type File Extension File Format
Executable N/A¹
Shared Library .so ELF
Static Library .a ar
Compiled Object .o ELF
Note: RAD Studio applications for Android are built as shared libraries.

Writing C++ Code for BCCAARM

To write C++ code specifically for BCCAARM, use:

#if defined(__ANDROID__) && defined(__arm__)
    // Your code.
Note: This is compiler-specific code, and it is not the recommended way to write Android-specific code. See Creating an Android App.

For more information, see Clang-enhanced C++ Compilers, Predefined Macros.

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