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A bitmap button (TBitBtn) is a button control that presents a bitmap image on its face.

  • To choose a bitmap for your button, set the Glyph property.
  • Use Kind to automatically configure a button with a glyph and default behavior.
  • By default, the glyph appears to the left of any text. To move it, use the Layout property.
  • The glyph and text are automatically centered on the button. To move their position, use the Margin property. Margin determines the number of pixels between the edge of the image and the edge of the button.
  • By default, the image and the text are separated by 4 pixels. Use Spacing to increase or decrease the distance.
  • Bitmap buttons can have 3 states: up, down, and held down. Set the NumGlyphs property to 3 to show a different bitmap for each state.

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