Buttons and Similar Controls

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(PDF) Building User Interfaces with Delphi 2009, by Marco Cantu discusses new ways to use buttons and other controls.

Aside from menus, buttons provide the most common way to initiate an action or command in an application. Button-like controls include:

Use this component: To do this:


Present command choices on buttons with text.


Present command choices on buttons with text and glyphs.


Create grouped toolbar buttons.


Present on/off options.


Present a set of mutually exclusive choices.


Arrange tool buttons and other controls in rows and automatically adjust their sizes and positions.


Display a collection of windowed controls within movable, resizable bands.

Action lists let you centralize responses to user commands (actions) for objects such as menus and buttons that respond to those commands. See Handling VCL Actions Using an Action List for details on how to use action lists with buttons, toolbars, and menus.

You can custom draw buttons individually or application wide. See Developing the Application User Interface Index.


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