C++Builder Exception Handling Compiler Options

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Following are the exception handling options in the C++Builder compiler.

Command-line switch Description
-x Enable C++ exception handling (on by default)
-xd Enable destructor cleanup. Calls destructors for all automatically declared objects between the scope of the catch and throw statements when an exception is thrown. (Advanced option—on by default)
-xds No DLL/MT destructor cleanup (SEH)
-xdg Use global destructor count (SEH)
-xf Enable fast exception prologs
-xp Enable exception location information. Makes available run-time identification of exceptions by providing line numbers in the source code at the exception location. This lets the program query the file and line number where a C++ exception occurred using the __ThrowFileName and __ThrowLineNumber globals. (This is an advanced option.)
-xs Enable slow exception epilogues
-xv Hide exception variables

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