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The CodeSite Logging System by Raize Software gives you deeper insight into how your code is executing, and enables you to locate problems more quickly and ensure your application is running correctly.

Installing and Uninstalling CodeSite

Installing CodeSite

CodeSite 5.2.1 is available in GetIt Package Manager. You can download the package and install it by following the general instruction provided in Installing a Package Using GetIt Package Manager.

Uninstalling CodeSite

  1. Open RAD Studio.
  2. Select Tools > GetIt Package Manager to open the GetIt Package Manager Window.
  3. Locate the CodeSite entry. You can use the search box to filter out other packages from GetIt Package Manager.
  4. Click Uninstall on the CodeSite entry.

Using CodeSite

After you install the CodeSite package, the IDE integrates the following utilities:

  • Select Tools > CodeSite
    • CodeSite Dispatcher
    • CodeSite Controller
    • CodeSite Live Viewer
    • CodeSite File Viewer

The CodeSite online help is also available in the IDE by choosing Tools > CodeSite > CodeSite Help

You can also access CodeSite in Start | All Programs | CodeSite 5.

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