Creating Metropolis UI Edit Buttons with Embedded Glyphs

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To add Metropolis UI buttons with embedded glyphs:

  1. Create a FireMonkey Metropolis UI application using the FireMonkey Metropolis UI Application wizard.
  2. Add a TEdit to the form.
  3. Do either of the following:
    • With the button selected, click the StyleLookup property in the Object Inspector.
    • Right-click the button and choose Add Item from the context menu.
  4. From the popup list that appears, choose one of the Windows 8 button styles:
    • TEditButton
      • Used for customising or making your own glyph button
    • TClearEditButton
      • X glyph
      • Clears the edit field when user clicks the glyph
    • TPasswordEditButton
      • Eye/eyebrow glyph
      • Hides the text that is entered
      • Clicking the glyph makes the text momentarily visible
      • Password property of TEdit must be set to True in the Object Inspector for password entry to be hidden correctly.
    • TSearchEditButton
      • Magnifying glass glyph
      • Can be linked to a search program
    • TEllipsesEditButton
      • Ellipse […] glyph
      • Can be linked to a dialog box

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