Creating a Metropolis UI ComboBox

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To add a Metropolis UI style TComboBox to an FireMonkey application:

  1. Select File > New > Multi-Device Application to create a new multi-device application.
  2. Drop a TComboBox on the main form.
  3. In the Object Inspector, select or enter the value Native for the property DropDownKind of TComboBox.

TComboBox works as a Metropolis UI control when you associate the combobox with any of the Metropolis UI styles. That is, when the DropDownKind property of a combobox is set to Native, the positioning of the selector popup at run time is centered around the currently selected item, according to the Windows 8 style.

Every FireMonkey style file contains a TStyleDescription object, which contains the style description, including the platforms that can be used (TStyleDescription.PlatformTarget). For a Metropolis UI TComboBox, METROPOLISUI is one of the values in the PlatformTarget property of TStyleDescription.

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