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Go Up to DataSnap Server Application

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The DataSnap REST Application wizard creates a project that is a starting point for building an AJAX-enabled web application. Regardless of the options you select, the wizard creates a unit that contains the following components:

Note: The TDSRESTWebDispatcher component of the REST application still uses sessions unless you set the SessionLifetime property from TimeOut to Request.

All the additional components are connected to the TDSServer, whose Server property is set to the name of the TDSServer component. The communication protocol between server and client applications is HTTP or HTTPS and the technology is REST (Representational State Transfer).

The DataSnap REST Application Wizard consists of four to seven steps, depending on the type of REST Application you select in the first step and further decisions you take within this wizard. The steps of the wizard are described in detail in the following procedure.

Platform page

You can create a DataSnap REST Application for Windows or Linux. Windows is the platform selected by default. You can create an application for Windows only or for both Windows and Linux simultaneously. Select the required platform:


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